TV Audio Networking Products Videos

Wheatstone Television Audio Consoles

These videos contain information about Wheatstone's TV consoles. The first two introduce our latest - the Strata 32 and the Virtual Dimension Three. The rest are a series that compare the features of our IP-64, Dimension Three, D8-EX, and Series 2/Series 4.


Wheatstone For Television Informational Videos

Discussing the advantages of using Wheatstone's WheatNet-IP for networked TV audio, these videos cover a wide range of topics.


WheatNet-IP and At Home Production

Phil Owens takes us through the "At Home" production at Wheatstone in January 2017. In addition, he presents a demonstration, set up in the Wheatstone booth at NAB New York 2016 as well as NAB in  2017. On one side of the booth, a foosball game provided the sporting event, and Phil describes the equipment used to control the broadcast from a home studio on the other side of the booth, along with the advantages of doing so.


Wheatstone Idea Factory Videos

Phil Owens, Paul Picard, Brad Harrison and Dave Breithaupt talk about the evolving role of audio for television and video and how Wheatstone is addressing it.


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